Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final Post

Alas, this is my final blog post for the module. The past 13 weeks of learning how to communicate professionally has been a long but fruitful journey!

One of the most important skill set I had learnt is how to manage working relationships professionally. During the research for the final proposal, my team and I had the opportunity to communicate with individuals from other organizations. Sometimes, I am at a loss how I could reply my addressees' email correspondences. But thank God for Ms Lim, I've learnt how to handle such situations with tact and I am confident should similar instances arises in near future, I would have the ability to handle them.

On the same note, there are instances when I felt I should reply an email in a particular way. However, after consulting with Ms. Lim, she made me see things in another dimension and I'm grateful for that. For example, there was once I sent an email to my professor to request for her permission to mass email her students to help us complete our survey. Somehow, the email was forwarded to the department dean and then the manager of the department replied my request. After all are settled, I decided to move on; but Ms Lim advised me to send a thank you email to the department dean as well. I reasoned with her that I do not have to since I do not have direct correspondence with him. However, Ms. Lim let me understand that it is polite to do so. Further, this gesture could also leave a good impression on my professionalism.

Another skill set which I had picked up from this course is the writing of application letter and resume. Previously, my resume only comprises of a chronological list of the schools I had attended to and the clubs I had joined. This course made me probe further into writing resumes and better market myself as a potential candidate for the workforce.

All in all, I enjoyed the module. However, I enjoyed even more the fun classmates I had. Thank you everyone for the fun interaction we had for the past semester! Good luck for your exams Alex, Andy, Benedict, Bryan, Clarence, Guo Ren, Jay, Jia Lin, Madhu, Wei Xi, Aish, Andrew, Gerard, Jigna, Mufeedha, Si Jie and Wei Li. You guys made my Monday and Thursday fun =)

Catch up soon!